Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Atlanta Carriage

This picture captures the elegance of the Deep South. The picture was taken in 1899 in Atlanta, Georgia. I note that this carriage was designed to be driven by a driver, with a separate compartment for the passengers.


  1. Love the carriage but also love the house!

  2. I agree on both counts! The gingerbread on the porch, the tall windows with shutters, the tall attic, so you could get as many cool breezes as possible to go with your mint julep. The matching horses aren't bad, either. And my mother would approve of the driver's posture, too. The compartment seems to have two parts, one completely enclosed facing backward, one facing forward with a "convertible" top. Having lived in FL, I know there are times of downpour when you need complete cover, and times of great heat when you also need cover. Then there are nice days when you want this kind of exposure. No pun necessarily intended. I see three people at least--two ladies' hats on the outside, one man's hat and maybe another obscured by the post. That means this light-looking carriage could carry six to eight adults, plus the driver and maybe a boy to hand the ladies down. What an elegant (and expensive) way of life.


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