Saturday, May 9, 2015

Travel Trailer

Welcome to Trailer Week here at OPOD where we will look at tailer life. I would love to hear your trailer stories. Have you ever lived in a trailer? Have fond memories of trailer-based vacations?

I lived in a travel trailer for two years. When my wife and I retired and moved back to West Texas. We lived in a trailer as we built our house. I did not mind it that much, but my wife failed to fully appreciate the subtle pleasures of trailer life. She was glad to get a house.


  1. The Squire and his first wife lived in a three bedroom trailer. When we got married, he gave the trailer to his aunt. It really was too large for her, so one of his relatives suggested they trade, as his trailer was too small.

    The original plan (I swear!) was for both of them to pack everything in boxes and she would haul her large trailer south while he hauled his large trailer north. They were to meet at a specific place along the Interstate, run back and forth with the boxes, and then he would continue to drive her large trailer on to NC, while she got into the other truck and hauled his small trailer back to her home lot in Baltimore.

    The plan was vetoed by my husband. *Very firmly.* As in, "That's the d---est thing I ever heard of".

  2. I camp in a vintage trailer all the time....even this winter. It's a 1969 Shasta 1400. You can check my blog for other trailer pictures of my friends as we camp away the summer. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures you post this week.

  3. This looks like one of the medical trailers I remember seeing during the Depression. Visited areas with no medical facilities.

    1. I think you are correct. She does look as if she's a nurse, complete with a cap (Honestly, the way hospital staff dress today, I don't know if I'm speaking to a nurse or an orderly.) and he is wearing a white coat.

    2. I think you nailed it.

  4. The couple in this picture look like newlyweds, and their rig looks like it's been spit polished.

    Lady Anne's story sounds so preposterous that it's got to be true! You can't make up stuff like that.

    My parents first tent-camped, when they had kids, then with a camper over the bed of a pick-up. My dad said, after a 3 month trip in the camper around the perimeter of the country after his retirement, that he figured their marriage had proved itself. Shortly, they bought a two-bedroom travel trailer. I sometimes traveled with them in both rigs. The longest trip was from Seattle to south of LA after Christmas one year, mostly down the coast. It took us a slow week. We did spend two nights just north of LA, in order to drive through LA on the expressways on New Year's Day, avoiding as much traffic as possible on our way to visit my sister. I flew home to the Midwest. They headed east, to spend time with my aunt and uncle, who often wintered in the desert in central CA or in AZ in their travel trailer. Perhaps living in a trailer would have taught me to live with less stuff, which I'm not good at. They were able to do it pretty well, and enjoyed this form of travel well into their 80s.

  5. I think trailers have been largely replaced by motor homes in recent decades. The trailers are still there but the motor home is the separator between the wealthy and the rest of us. Might be interesting to see a week of these road hogs that thunder down our roads driven by marginally experienced drivers,


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