Monday, May 11, 2015

Trailer Park

Today's picture shows students coming home to a trailer park after school. The picture was taken in 1941 in Sarasota, Florida. This looks like a nice area to live in.


  1. The front trailer looks pretty good.
    Is it a silver stream?

  2. One thing I could never understand, when I lived in FL in the 1990s, was the large number of people who lived in trailer parks, many of them very nice ones like this. By then, many of the "trailers" were double-wide, or even triple-wide, very spacious. But boy, they weren't made for hurricanes! Or tornadoes. I'm sure they were less expensive than "regular" houses, which in FL are mostly built of concrete blocks with facings of various materials, which hold up better than all wood. Wood's prone to termite destruction, mold, etc, from the humid climate. But the high winds of hurricanes and tornadoes can tear even the nicest trailer home off its moorings and smash the metal shell.

    1. The Squire refers to them as "Tornado Magnets".


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