Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trailer Life

Today's picture shows a family living in a trailer. It looks like they have expanded their living space by creating an additional room with a tarp and ropes. The picture was taken in 1936 in Massachusetts.


  1. I saw a trailer exactly like this one at the Smithsonian several years ago. Honestly, it is about the size of large van; I can understand why they have expanded it! And those are pretty snazzy slacks for a woman in the late 1930s.

  2. I like those slacks too, with the stripe down the side! The shape of this trailer is exactly the same as the one in yesterday's picture in FL. Since both were taken "hitching post" on, there's no way to tell how long it is. Interesting that you saw one in the Smithsonian and it's van sized! Added space would be a great idea, especially with two young children. Even so, a MA winter in a trailer with a tent attached does not sound like fun to me. Think of going through a winter like the last one in presumably unheated space this small, snow piling up, buffeted by winds. Brr!

  3. Yes, hard to believe they are wearing slacks in the 30's. I love that she is knitting all their hats.


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