Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trailer Family

This is a picture from 1936 that shows a family living in a trailer park. Actually they appear to be doing very well compared to many things we have seen from this era. They look well dressed, and have a roof over their heads.


  1. It would be interesting to see the inside layout of some of these trailers. Ans I can't help but wonder how much one would be worth to a collector today. It would probably shock the folks who lived in them.

  2. This family does look to be more middle class. Also there's no indication that their trailer's in a trailer park. Come to think of it, yesterday's, with the woman and kids and the tent extension, showed no other trailers either. In some states or counties it's illegal to have a trailer outside of a trailer park, in others, it's just fine. If anybody can live in a trailer, then the class of the people living in one can run the gamut. In a trailer park, it's more likely that each one will be more uniform, either fairly middle class or trailer trash. In the 1930s, I think we have a stereotype that only poor folks lived in trailer parks, yet several of the examples you've showed weren't like that. Shows what our stereotypes are worth!

    These girls seem well dressed and well cared for. Their dresses are clean, and those white collars and cuffs couldn't have been easy to take care of. The father's clearly interacting with the younger one as he puts the key in the lock.

    Yeah, it would be interesting to see the interior layout. Things would be tight, that's for sure.

  3. These trailer spaces were quite large back in the day....loved seeing the other trailers in the background. Thanks for sharing.


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