Friday, May 1, 2015

Swimwear of the Twenties

Today's picture shows swimwear from the 1920's. While very modest by today's standards, this would have represented new levels of exposure for this time period.

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  1. I have pictures of my mother and her sisters in swimsuits from the late 1920s that are even less "modest" than these. It could be that these are early 1920s; they look like short dresses. In fact, it's just possible that the girls shown in this picture are wading in normal dresses, not in swimwear at all, unless you got the picture from a site that specifies their garments as swimwear. Or they could be your own family pictures identified as swimwear. I know my family pictures are late in the decade by the ages of the girls. The suits they were wearing had more or less what we'd call tank tops with wide straps, and separate legs that came to just above the knee. They were of loose fabric that looked like heavy knits, and some had belts, slung low on the hips, as was typical for the 1920s. No spandex in them, that's for sure! They were very shapeless and ugly. By the 1930s, these girls, now young women, wore some fairly attractive swimsuits. Not until the 1940s, though, were they really shapely. I'm guessing that's when nylon and elastic allowed for the form-fitting shapes.


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