Sunday, May 31, 2015

More Gas Lines

OK, another picture today of the long gas lines of the late 1970's. If I remember right, it was about this time that most all service stations became self serve. It was probably to try and lesson the price shock of filling up your tank.


  1. Not that it matters - and maybe there was more than one gas crunch - but I remember this as being around 1973. (After my first husband shuffled off in 1972 and before The Squire and I married in late '74.) The gas station in the area where I lived opened at 6 AM. Folks would drive over in the evening and park along the street, then get up early to be ready the start our engines as soon as they turned on the pumps. I used to take along a fried egg sandwich and a good book.

  2. 2 oil crisis fall 1973 to spring 1974 & 1979

  3. I too remember it as 1973, because of where I was living at the time. In 1970, for instance, I was in Mitchell, SD ("Home of the Corn Palace!!)" and we went to OK City over Thanksgiving to visit the in-laws. There was a price war in Salina, KS among the gas stations, and we paid 19 cents a gallon. We made sure to have an empty tank coming home! In 1973, we had just moved to Bloomington, IN for a new job for my husband, I couldn't find work, and a major recession hit along with the gas price hike. I don't remember how high it went, but I've certainly never seen it under a dollar since.


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