Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Indian Dance

Today's picture shows Atsina Indians dancing on the plains. The picture was taken in 1908 as their native way of life was coming to an end. This is really a great view of  this culture.


  1. It looks like they are aiming their arrows upwards.
    Wonder if they shoot them in the sky.

  2. Since it's a dance, they may or may not actually shoot the arrows. But many cultures the world over do shoot into the sky, since the sky holds ritual significance. It would be interesting to know what the next step in this dance is--it could be down toward the earth, also having ritual significance. That wouldn't be nearly as dramatic as this, though! We can see a person in the middle of the ring on their knees. Is that person perhaps holding a drum? It's hard to tell, but if so, he or she could be creating the beat for the dance. All in all, a very interesting picture full of action.

  3. ... it fell to earth, I know not where. [ouch!]


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