Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eskimo with Whale

Today's picture shows Eskimo processing a small whale they have caught. You can see the racks in the background where they dry the whale meat. The picture was taken in 1927.


  1. An interesting photo. Perhaps easier to view since the Inuits killed for sustenance and probably did not waste a bit of their kill.
    -Anne K.

    1. Whale oil was used to burn in lamps before electric lights were on the scene. Now we're being chastised for using coal, petroleum and water to make electrical power. Whalebone was used in ladies' corsets and for many other things for which plastics are used today. Now we're being chastised for using plastic. Can't win. Of course, sperm whale vomit, better known as ambergris, is highly valued even today for manufacturing perfumes, little cost to the whale. All of nature's resources could sustain people if used and renewed judiciously and responsibly. Where that falls down and where resources are squandered to the point of extinction is in the phenomenon of human greed, the desire to get rich rather than the desire/need to subsist even comfortably.

  2. I couldn't agree more. This has been a tough week, though it's a part of history we do need to know about.


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