Thursday, April 9, 2015


One of the greatest possible pets has to be a pony. Back in the day, every boy dreamed of having a pony. Not sure how much kids think of such things today. The picture above shows a boy and his pony. The picture was taken in 1928


  1. I am surprised to see the photo taken in 1928. can believe

  2. Middle kid wanted a horse, and my answer was the same as my mom's - "Save your allowance". I was stunned when she did just that, racking up babysitting jobs, etc. to buy this horse. Once she had it, hubby had to build a barn and a fence, and we spent a fortune on hay and oats. It took a whip and a chair to get her to clean up after the animal, and when she tied Rosie to close the garden and the horse cleared it for us, that was it. I'd have rather sold the kid (the Bible says you can) but Maryland has some funny laws on the books. Actually, I think the kid was as glad to see the back of that horse as we were.

  3. I asked for my own pony every birthday and Christmas and since I was three and finally got her on my seventh birthday. I loved that pony and haven't been without a horse since -- my kids all grew up with their own horses and now I've bought another pony for my grandkids. Your story of the pony in the kitchen is quite possibly the funniest thing I've EVER read!!! I still laugh.

    1. I agree, best pony story ever!
      That young lad in today's pic looks fairly young to be shoeing his own pony.
      -Anne K.

  4. I think lots and lots of kids want horses and ponies. I went through a phase when I read "Black Beauty" at about age 10, but that didn't last long. I was a city kid, and my dad put his foot down at even dogs and cats--they belonged on the farm. I have a friend a generation older, though, who was horse crazy from the age of 7 or 8, rode regularly on rented horses at that age, got her first one at about 14 or 15, and owned horses all her life, living in several parts of the world, until she moved into a retirement home an nearly 90! She still lights up talking about horses.


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