Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pet Monkey

Today's picture shows a woman with her pet monkey. The picture was taken around 1920. People do not have pet monkeys much any more . . . for good reason. I have heard that they are very temperamental and do not conduct themselves very well.


  1. The last time I saw a monkey outside the zoo was when I was *very* little. There was an organ grinder in downtown Baltimore, and my grandmother gave me a dime for the monkey. "The copper in pennies hurts their skin", she told me. Funny how that has stuck with me for nearly 70 years.

  2. My mother used to tell us stories about her family's pet monkey. She says it would climb to the top of the door frame and pee on people it was mad at!

  3. This picture looks to be taken onboard a ship. The woman appears to be quite well-to-do, if her probably real fur coat is any indication. It also looks like she is holding tightly onto the monkey in a protective carrier--probably protective for her as well as for the monkey! I wouldn't think the monkey would like the motion of an ocean-going vessel very much. Let's hope it didn't have a stormy crossing.


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