Sunday, April 19, 2015

Locust Plague

Today's picture shows a large group of Bedouins celebrating. They are celebrating the end of the recent Locust Plague. The picture was taken in 1930 near Beersheba. It looks like quiet a large crowd of people.


  1. It is a large group of people. It raises to mind the question of how many people the true Bedouin lifestyle actually could support in any one region, and how vast of region this assembly was drawn from.

  2. A large group of MEN. I see no sign of women or children. This was typical of their culture, and remains so in most of the Arab world, though boys appear at a fairly young age. Since the Bedouin who could afford them had multiple wives, and large families, the size of this crowd implies an even larger group of people being supported, one way or another, by the area they were drawn from for this celebration. I see two men on horses, very valuable to the Bedouin. While camels were the "pack animals" of the desert, the Arab breed of horses was of high value, and a man who owned one or more had higher status.


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