Sunday, April 26, 2015


Today's picture shows an iconic fad of the Roaring Twenties . . . dancing the Charleston. It amazes me the contrast between the carefree attitudes of the 20's and the utter hopelessness of the 30's. Things can change quickly.


  1. This photo is interesting in a number of respects. While you don't say so, it must have been taken in DC or one of the state capitols which copied the Congressional building. Also, it demonstrates that photography itself had changed a lot from the days when people had to sit still for long minutes to expose the film. The young woman on the right, especially, has flying skirts that are perfectly in focus. It looks like her hair is cropped, but that of the woman on the left seems to be long, and in a loose bun at her nape. The twenties were a transition period in women's hairstyles. The man seems also to be dancing, as the back of his suit is flying as well. They all seem to be as carefree as you say--it would be interesting to track all three ten years later to know what became of them.

  2. Well, when the bottom falls out of your world, it's rather difficult to maintain a carefree attitude.


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