Saturday, April 18, 2015


  1. Welcome to Nomads of the Desert Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at those wandering people who somehow survive in very inhospitable conditions. This picture of a bedouin was taken near Jerusalem around 1900. He appears to be rather affluent, with nice clothes and what looks like an expensive sword.

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  1. His robe looks hand stitched, and shows some wear. Certainly his sword and leather goods look expensive. The leather doesn't look worn, which you'd think it would after much wear in the weather of the desert. So I'm guessing that either it was fairly new, or that it was his "best" set. That and the elaborate sword would imply he was well off, more than the clothes. In the lower right corner, it appears that, cropped off, it says "American Consul (or Consulate), Jerusalem." I wonder why he had his picture taken there? Did he do some work for the Americans, or did the Bedouin have to register? I can't imagine that sitting well, as I thought they were a very independent and proud people. I also thought that at that time Palestine was under the rule of the British. In any event, he's a handsome, dignified man.


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