Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bedouin Women

Today's picture features two Bedouin Women and their children. The picture was taken around 1900. As someone mentioned earlier this week, it is unusual to see Bedouin women in pictures, so this one is an unusual find. The women are standing in front of their tent.

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  1. While the Bedouin men seem to be dressed much like other Arab men, except for their leather belts and their swords, these women aren't dressed like other Arab women at all. True, they're covered head to toe, but their lower arms are left free, and both wear a dull green rather than black. Interesting that their heads are wrapped fairly tightly, with some hair showing, rather than their faces alone showing. This may have to do with riding horses or camels in blowing wind. They carry their toddlers slung over one shoulder in similar poses I've never seen before. Half like the child riding on the father's shoulders that I remember from my own childhood. All in all, a fascinating picture.


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