Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt in Earlier Days

This is  a picture of Teddy Roosevelt in days before he was famous as a military man or president. He is posed here as a hunter. He really was an adventurous sort. The picture was taken in 1885.


  1. He also was a cowboy and then a rancher in my home State of North Dakota.

  2. Interesting that he posed as a hunter in this studio portrait when he actually was a rancher when it was taken. A sickly child (asthma), he'd been home schooled, but pushed himself in rigorous pursuits. He'd been a politician in the NY Assembly when in 1884 his 1st wife died in childbirth and his mother died on the same day. He threw over politics and went to the Dakotas. When blizzards destroyed his herds, he returned to NY and politics, but never forgot the West. Among his greatest contributions as president was the enlargement and improvement of the National Parks and National Forest systems. A boyish-looking man, he was only 27 when this picture was taken.

    1. Studio portraits with outdoor themes were common at the time, probably reflecting the limitations of cameras.


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