Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Garden

Today's picture shows a couple planting a backyard garden. The picture was taken in 1940 in Iowa. It looks to me like a fine plot of ground and they are well on their way to having it plowed.


  1. Farmers "get on in years", move to town and just do what still comes naturally - farm. They might have thought of this as just a little patch or kitchen garden. The important thing is they are still in touch with weather, earth and the rhythm.

  2. Reminds me of pictures I have of my Norwegian immigrant g grandparents working in their garden in MN in the 1930s. Once used to having a garden, it was hard to give it up as long as your health permitted. Besides that, in the Depression, you really counted on your own produce, and it tasted better, too. Talk about "eat local!" My mom remembers the downside of that--not ever seeing citrus fruit, except for a single orange a year, in the toe of her Christmas stocking. She lived on the prairies of southern Canada, and sometimes "home" with her grandparents in MN. The folks shown in this picture would have expanded their garden a few years later, and called it a "Victory Garden," and people in the cities had those too, if they had even the tiniest of yards. My parents, living in a studio apt. in Seattle after their 1942 marriage, had no access to a yard, but her parents had a Victory Garden, as did aunts and uncles.

  3. This looks so much like my grandparents' Iowa garden, behind their house in a very small town. I loved helping to process the produce -- shelling beans and peas, digging potatoes, picking corn. What could be better than this sentence? "Honey, go out and get us a couple of tomatoes for dinner."


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