Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Clothing Store

Today's picture shows a clothing store in Anchorage, Alaska. The picture was taken around 1900. The owner proprietor is standing out front. Certainly looks like he claims low prices, but I wonder if there were really any good deals. 


  1. He's an elegant gentleman, that much is sure. Interesting to note that the pants would be considered quite short by today's standards, but it probably was the sensible thing to wear having to walk over muddy soil frequently.

    1. You are correct. Lady's dresses were 4 inches above the floor for exactly that reason (except for formal occasions), and it makes sense that men's trousers would also be shorter than today's standards.

  2. Professional sign painters seem to be among the early arrivals on the frontier.

  3. I'm guessing this was taken around 1915 or so, Anchorage had almost no population until that time. Nome had people before Anchorage did.

  4. The Alaskan Gold Rush began, I believe in 1898. At least that's the year the news reached Seattle and turned it into a boom town supplying the miners. The early Alaskan "stores" would have been in tents, as were the bars and the brothels. This building looks well-put together. As to the "lowest prices," price gouging was the game of the day, even in Seattle. By the time you actually got to Alaska, your sources of supply became very limited. You bought what was available at the prices asked, or you did without. If, like this man, you had goods to sell, you might get rich. In fact, their chances of becoming wealthy were probably better than for the miners, who for the most part had no idea what they were getting in for. Great picture!


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