Thursday, March 19, 2015

Appalachian Music

Today we have a picture of a couple of Old Timers in the Appalachian Mountains. The picture was taken in 1914. One man appears to be playing a flute of fife, and the other is listening. Would love to be able to hear the music of these two Mountain Men.


  1. I think he is jokingly putting his fingers in his ears, pretending not to listen. I love old time mountain music - playing the spoons, or thumping on a washtub. We used to have a fellow at the bank who would pick up two spoons in the cafeteria and just go to town. It was just so nifty!

  2. I still have the fife that my great-great-grandfather carried during the Civil War. It looks very much like this one -- at least, it appears this one has the same metal bands at both ends. At one point, I almost could play something that sort of sounded like "Yankee Doodle" on it.


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