Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tearful Goodbye

Today's picture shows a tearful goodbye at a train station. The picture was taken at the train station in San Diego in 1905. There is no information on the people in the picture.

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  1. Was this considered a "commuter" train? Or did it continue either up the coast, or turn east? Ancestors of mine moved from MN to Long Beach to live in 1915. While I don't know their route for sure, I've wondered if they took "mainline" trains to cross the country, then a commuter train from LA to Long Beach. At the time, Long Beach was a "health resort," and we presume the move was made for the sake of my great grandfather's health. He was accompanied by a daughter, still single, who was a nurse, and he died in Long Beach in 1922 of a long-standing heart problem.


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