Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shooting the Breeze

Today's picture is from the front porch of the Nethers, Virginia Post Office. The picture was taken in 1935. It shows some of the locals sitting around and shooting the breeze. The interesting thing to me is that today, people have created such busy lives there is little time to just sit with friends and visit. Perhaps visiting has become a lost art.


  1. Now we sit glassy eyed before our TV -- or mobile device -- or ?

  2. Is that fellow in the center our friend from Sunday?

    1. I think you're right. Same group of guys from his first picture on Saturday--just a different angle.

  3. Also the fact it was 1935 and the depths of the depression might have something to do with them all sitting there. They were unemployed.......

  4. If you try this today, you'd be guilty of loitering.

  5. I love the generational mix here--the elder with the white mustache in the middle, the two middle-aged men on the ends, and the young man. When I lived in FL in the mid 1990s, you could see similar scenes at poor rural crossroads, where post office-gas stations with sloping porches and unpainted buildings indicated to the busy passerby that these folks also didn't have jobs they had to be at. I wonder how much life has changed around Nethers, Va? Is it a mining area now? Your cache of pictures from there is wonderful.


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