Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pullman Car

Today's picture shows people traveling in style in a Pullman Car. This harkens back to a time when there was a certain elegance associated with travel by rail. The early days of commercial airline travel also had an element of elegance, which has long since been gone. The picture above was taken in the 1910's.


  1. It seems like there were many things that were more elegant in the early days of rail. However, we have many blessings today that they couldn't have imagined. Too bad the elegance is gone though.

  2. Did all lines use Pullman cars, or just some of them? My mother has a vague memory of taking the train from her tiny town in Alberta to a small town in MN in 1920, when she was five. She stayed for weeks with various sets of aunts and uncles and cousins and a set of grandparents, while her mother went on to the Mayo Clinic in Rochestor, MN, for surgery that was unavailable in their town which did not have a hospital. Because she was five, she could ride free, and that left her father with only the older children to care for. The train she and her mother rode wouldn't have been a major line, so would it have had Pullman cars? Since it was my mother's first experience on a train, she was very impressed just to be on a train at all, and watching the scenery go by. And of course, it's a long time ago now, so in her memory, of course whatever the train looked like would have been fancy.


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