Monday, February 16, 2015

Normandy Invasion

This is another picture of the Normandy Invasion. This picture was taken after the troops had established a beach head. It is amazing all the hardware being brought to bare in this picture.


  1. The debt we owe this "Greatest Generation" is staggering. Literally the World as we have known it. Our lives, our Liberty.

  2. The Allied spies signaled to Germany for months beforehand that the invasion was going to come to the north of Normandy. Thus Germany focused on the wrong place, spreading its defenses out. They were prepared all along the coast, but spread too thin. I'm sure the men who came ashore at Normandy didn't think so, but things would have been a lot tougher without the success of that Allied deceiving of the Nazis.

    I just read a book on the Burma campaign, a piece of WW II on the other side of the world. Specifically, this was on how Burmese elephants helped evacuate civilians, and then built bridges the British Indian army used to defeat the Japanese army in Burma. Amazing. Are some of those pictures available?


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