Monday, February 2, 2015

Mexican Rebels

This is another picture from the 1911 revolution in Juarez. These rebels actually have their own cannon, which was a pretty big deal. While they have a cannon, the individuals do not appear to be as well armed as the women in yesterday's picture.


  1. I agree. Only a couple of fellows in this photo have that revolutionary panache - most look like kid brothers thrilled that their older brother has returned from college. Particularly sorry is that chap third from the left with the "Hello my name is..." sticker on his hat. Even with a cannon, this band will remain bush league until they get better hats, more cartridge belts, and more facial hair.

    1. Nate, I agree. I found it disheartening that the women appeared much better armed for the battle than the men.

  2. Hey! Welcome back, Nate! I do agree about the preparedness - or lack thereof - of this group. I figured the bucket on the cannon was to catch the ball as it rolled out.

  3. I wonder if the women and children have been left to protect their homes in the village, the most valuable place of all, so they've been given everything the men can spare. They are no doubt wearing all the ammunition they've got. These men may have other ammunition stashed elsewhere. Or this may be all they've got. I don't know Spanish, but the caption on the picture of the women and children did note that the rebel leader was expected to attack their town. His name was also written on the picture itself. So even if this was all the ammunition the town had, and there were no other men to defend it, these women and kids were probably preparing themselves to die if need be for their town and the kids. They would probably have hidden the small children with the elders, and hoped that with this show of force, they could defend them. Brava senoras y senoritas!

    The man on the far right in today's picture does have a wicked knife on his left hip. We can't see that spot on any of the others, but they may be similarly equipped. While that's a good weapon for hand to hand fighting, it doesn't compare to 2 strings of bullets across your chest to keep your rifle going!

  4. Well keep in mind that the women in yesterday's photos were part of a Constitutionalist force and these combatants are probably Villistas. So, the women we saw yesterday were armed in defense of their town against a force opposing the government of that time.


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