Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today's trades picture is of welders. Actually, the process the man is doing in the picture I believe is more suitably called brazing. It looks like he is melting a brass rod with a small torch to join two pieces of metal together. The picture was taken in 1942, and the women were being trained to work in aircraft construction as part of the war effort.


  1. Three "Rosie the Riveter's".

  2. My grandparents lived in Seattle during WW II, in a big house. Their kids were grown and gone, all involved in the war effort in one way or another--a soldier, a sailor, a Red Cross worker, a farmer's wife, and the wife of a man who made trucks for the Army. So my grandparents' home was rattling and empty. My grandfather's sister lived in rural ND, where farming hadn't recovered from the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s. So my great aunt and her 3 daughters, who couldn't find work, came to Seattle and lived in her brother's home, easily finding jobs in the war industry.


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