Sunday, January 11, 2015


Trades Week continues here at OPOD with this picture of a Farrier. A Farrier is one who cares for horses feet. This would be to reshoe the horse, but it also often involves trimming the horses hooves. This is actually almost becoming a lost art and many who have horses have difficulty finding people to do this job. It is a rather specialized job, in that horses would prefer you not mess with their feet, so the work must be done in such a way to not overly agitate the horse, which is hard.


  1. My 70 pound dog pitches a muzzle-worthy fit when I try to trim his nails. I hate to think of wrestling with a horse.

  2. One of my horse-mad friends finally had to stop riding at about 90 when another toss from her hoss broke her arm yet again. She'd been riding since she was in her early teens, even owned a part Arabian when she and her family lived in Saudi Arabia. She learned to be her own farrier because in some of the places they lived, she didn't like the way the local farriers treated the horses. We tease her that she still walks like a bow-legged cowboy. Interesting set of pictures.

  3. I'm loving this series. As one who gained two college degrees but ended as a boat varnisher, I can attest to the personal value of such work. Of course, I don't risk getting kicked, like a farrier, but I have gone into the water a time or three.


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