Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cabin and Mansion

Today we see a modest log cabin, with an immense mansion in the background. I would imagine life wat quite different in those two places. The picture was taken in 1902 near Stamford New York. I think the large building was actually a hotel, and I learned that it burned down in the spring of last year in a huge fire that completely destroyed it. No word on the fate of the small cabin.


  1. Interesting contrast. If I had to choose, I'd rather live in the cute little cabin...less to clean and maintain! It has a handy water source that I'm sure was pleasant to live by but I wonder if the streams flood in the spring? Neat photo!
    -Anne K.

    1. Living beside a stream as I do, the answer is Yes - it will flood. Regularly.

  2. I think it's likely that the cute little log cabin is part of the hotel's 'entertainment'. It was built there for the guests to explore and admire.

  3. The cabin doesn't look like it was old when the picture was taken. The roof line isn't sagging, the shakes seem to be all there, the window frames look solid, and the window panes are all there. Since the cabin is in the bend of the stream, it would be sure to flood, as Lady Anne points out. And though the water was probably safe enough to use in 1902, it certainly isn't today. An interesting contrast, indeed.

  4. Rexmere Hotel. From what I can tell from Google Earth, if the cabin is still there, it is now under water.

  5. Oh I am sure it has been torn down by some contractor trying to modernize the world
    It makes me so upset when a historical old house is torn down in my city to build student housing or a parking lot , happens often her in Columbia Mo

  6. I'm satisfied with...just a cottage below.....


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