Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blanche Scott

Today we feature a picture of Blanche Scott. Blanche was the first woman to fly an airplane solo. the picture was taken around 1910. Blanche lived up until the 1970 but I never heard of her before seeing this picture.


  1. Notice there is no seat belt or harness in early. I remember reading about how early pilots would often just fall out if things became too bumpy. I think we lost one of our famous early female pilots that way.

  2. According to Wikipedia, which shows this picture, Blanche Scott was the first US woman pilot, though that record is contested by those who think another who flew at the same time holds the record. Scott went on to become a professional stunt pilot. Having made the first E. to W. auto trip driving a car, she was recruited to learn to fly. It was during this training that she first left the ground. Later she worked with Chuck Yeager, presumably the same one who broke so many records in flight and built lighter-than-air craft. She was taught by Glenn Curtis, and in 1910 joined his exhibition team, as the first woman to fly professionally in the US. She did rolls and other aeronautic tricks in her biplane. Still, Scott retired in 1916 because she was disturbed by the audience's fixation on plane crashes, and by the refusal to train women as mechanics and engineers. I took that to mean she had further ambitions, which the early industry refused to let women fulfill. She worked in the 1930s in Hollywood as a scriptwriter. Later, her old mentor Chuck Yeager invited her to be the first woman to ride in a jet, and knowing of her early career, treated her to some snap rolls and a 14,000 ft. dive. In 1954 she began work at the US Air Force Museum, helping acquire early aviation materials. So her interest in aviation long outlasted her active career as a pilot.


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