Thursday, December 18, 2014

Win the Vote

Today's picture shows a protester with a sign, "Help Us to Win the Vote". The crowd appears to be amazed and perplexed by the woman protesting. The picture was taken in 1914.


  1. Hello Sir, great shot. I like the amazed look, as you said, on some of the crowd's faces.Looks like she is collecting money with her left hand also?

  2. I wouldn't call this woman a protester, at least not the way we use the term today. She's simply stating her opinion, in a very polite way. In fact, by law, she's not allowed to vote, while all the males in the picture, depending on the state, above a certain age, are. She depends on their good will to vote for a new law which will allow her and other women to vote. Not all women believed as she did, of course. In fact, most suffragists were upper class or upper middle class. Evidence? The clothing in the pictures you've shown this week. This picture is a particularly good example, because the woman is much better dressed than most of the men and boys she's surrounded by. I think you're right that they're bemused by her opinion. Yet she stands firm, simply asking them to provide women a right they have automatically. I think it's a great photo. Thanks for the week full of reminders that women (and people of color) didn't get the right to vote in the original Constitution, but had to spend nearly 200 years fighting for that right that should have been theirs in the beginning.


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