Saturday, December 27, 2014

Man Riding Donkey

Welcome to Donkey Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at pictures of this much underappreciated Beast of Burden this week. The picture above was taken in the late 1800's in the middle east. Most people are probably not aware of the great extent that donkeys are still used today in many places in the world. Here is West Texas they are very common. A donkey, or a few donkeys are put with a herd of sheep or goats. The donkey will become part of the sheep or goat herd, and will very effectively protect the herd against predators. Lamas are also popular in this area for that purpose.


  1. Thank you for these wonderful pictures of the Middle East that you've given us the last few days. They're so atmospheric and evocative. As for donkeys, a recent issue of one of the archaeology magazines I subscribe to had an article on the donkey, as the "pickup truck of antiquity." Like the camel, they can carry an amazing amount of goods, but were cheaper, especially in areas where short distances were involved and the issue of the need for long-haul "trucking" where water wasn't available didn't arise. It never occurred to me that, as in West Texas, one in a herd of sheep or goats could protect against predators. A picture and its commentary are indeed worth 1000 words!

  2. I learn something new everyday on your site.

  3. When will we get Llama Week? Can't wait!


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