Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas 1908

Today's picture shows a Christmas Tree scene from 1908. Three small children are posed around a nicely decorated tree, with lots of presents underneath.


  1. How cute! I'd like to see who or what was drawing their attention so attentively. Three boys?
    -Anne K.

  2. The fabric in the background makes me wonder if this was a studio photo. It may be that the children had been taken for the annual Christmas photo. I have one postcard that shows my mother in such a photo, taken in Chariton, Iowa, when she was about six months old.

  3. Quite possibly three boys. Boys wore skirts for quite a while, often until they started school. (This fact always sends my fourth and fifth grade history students into hysterics.)

  4. The older one seems clearly a boy, as his dress is a sailor suit. That was very common on little boys. I've got a 1918 picture of a cousin of my mother's at about 3, who is the spitting image of her except that his dress is a sailor suit. Her picture at the same age has her wearing a dress with a scalloped lace hem. I wonder if the two little boys are twins? The look the same age, and their dresses seem to match. Since all three are looking up, I wonder if they're looking at Mama? And I would guess too that either this is a studio portrait, or maybe one of those instances where the photographer made the rounds of people's homes taking pictures. That would account for the background being so plain. It could even be a sheet hung behind the family's own tree. A very sweet picture.


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