Monday, December 22, 2014

Capitol Christmas Tree

Today's picture shows a Christmas Tree being put up at the steps of the US Capitol. The picture was taken in 1913. The child on the Bicycle appears to be very interested in the project.


  1. I've been struck by how modest the National Christmas tree displays were back then compared to the modern decorations and displays where every bulb and light is piled atop of our already incredible debt!

    1. It's all reused - just like the ones in your house.

  2. I think that it is a symbol of our National Christian heritage and that it should be impressive looking....I do not mind the Govt. spending money on the tree. We're America...we should not have a Charlie Brown looking Christmas tree.

  3. Every year the tree itself is donated by one of the states, so the federal government's not paying. The two you've shown so far have been fairly skimpy by recent standards! Both are shown before they got all decorated with those decorations that go in the attics to come out again the next year. By now, the decorations have become historical objects, and for all I know, they're donated too!


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