Saturday, November 8, 2014

Outdoor Cooking

With the cooler weather coming on, many of us enjoy the wonderful past time of cooking. So, this week will be Cooking Week here at OPOD. We start with this wonderful picture from the Middle East of a woman cooking outdoor over a fire made from thorns. I have a feeling that whatever is in the pot is delicious. I love ethnic food . . . I love the spices and subtle flavors of various cultures. I hope you all will share some of your favorite cooking specialites.


  1. This photo brought back memories of some years spent in rural areas overseas. The most vivid memory of outdoor cooking, I think, is coming across a couple of fellows roasting a rat they had just dug up from a dry rice paddi. They had a small fire going with supper slowly turning on a skewer. Being grain-fed, maybe it tasted like squirrel. I didn't bother asking for a taste.

  2. I have to admit that I feel whatever is cooking in that pot is probably NOT delicious.....

    1. How could you possibly know? After having eating foods of many cultures, I'd bet it tastes pretty good. But, then, "hunger is the best sauce".


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