Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope  you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with fine food and family. I also hope you will join me in not participating in the insane commercialization known as Black Friday. I mean, do you really want a chance at a cheap TV so badly you will participate in such nonsense. No, stay home and cherish the day with friends and family. Don't be manipulated by the corporations to use this day for indulgence in rampant consumerism.


  1. Hum..... Spend a whole morning (day?) fighting mall traffic jams and savage mobs? Or leisurely at home, in piece an quiet with the family? Oh boy, that's a hard choice to make ;-)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving PJM and family!

  2. Well said, Mr PJM. It is worse this year than ever before.

  3. I went out on Black Friday once, and that was sufficient, thank you very much. We spend the morning addressing Christmas cards and the afternoon doing a jigsaw puzzle.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    While in retail I worked on Black Friday.
    I never go shopping on Black Friday

  5. Yesterday evening we were returning home from dinner with friends & relatives and passed by a "Best Buy" electronics store. I have no idea when they planned on opening the store, but it looked like several hundred people were lined up outside, waiting on opening. I'm sure it was colder in other parts of the country, but it was in the low 40s to high 30s here. Those people are nuts, IMHO.

  6. I agree! I was very disappointed to see this year some stores are starting their sales on Thanksgiving day....shame on them! :(
    -Anne K.


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