Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cooking Class

Today's picture shows children being taught to cook in Elementary School. The picture is from around 1910, back when cooking was really taught in school. These days it seems like genuine domestic skills are no longer taught in school. I have seen that some schools still have pretty strong Ag and Shop classes, but domestic skills like wise shopping, sewing and cooking from scratch seem to have fallen from the agenda.


  1. We still had cooking class in "junior high" in 1944. That was 8th grade and sewing class was in 7th. We made eggs a la golden rod and served the teachers breakfast.
    From sewing class - an apron and learning to gather fabric for a skirt.

  2. We still had Home Economics classes in Middle school in the Philly suburbs through the mid 1980's

  3. My Home Economics teacher Mrs. Brown was almost like an extra grandmother.
    She had the patience of a saint with us.


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