Saturday, November 29, 2014


Welcome to Beauty Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at beauties from a hundred years ago. It will be interesting to speculate to what degree our concepts of beauty have changed, or remained the same. I would say by any standard this is a beautiful woman.

I have been studying some interesting research by Dr. Weston Price. Dr. price did his research in the 1920's and traveled the world studying indigenous cultures that had not been influenced by "modern" diet and culture. What he found was indigenous people enjoyed far superior health to westerners, even in the absence of any doctor or dental care. Of particular note, he showed that children in these people groups always had perfectly straight teeth. His thesis was that crooked teeth were from small, under-formed, and malformed jaws which resulted from nutritional deficiencies in the  diet of the mother during pregnancy. He noted that in these indigenous cultures, they went to great lengths to give the pregnant women the "sacred" food . . . raw butter from grass fed cows, fish livers and eggs, organ meat and so forth. All the things that are completely not a part of our modern diet. Interestingly, this woman in this picture from 100 years ago has a very wide and fully formed jaw. Dr, Price noted that people in the indigenous tribes did not have fat faces, but wide, full bone structure in their face. He also noted that when roads reached indigenous people, they immediately began to have babies with crooked teeth, tooth decay, babies with thin faces, and typical western illnesses. If you are interested this is a nice summary of the work of Dr. Price. I find it fascinating.


  1. This lady very much resembles my mother-in-law, who was half Cherokee.

  2. I love Dr. Price's book! Great picture


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