Saturday, October 11, 2014


Welcome to Stage Coach Week here at OPOD. We will be looking back at a time when horseposer really meant horse power! We start with this picture from 1906. The picture was taken in the desert near Goldfield, Nevada. Looks like a pretty exciting ride!


  1. Wonder if this is a Studebaker stage. Studebaker started making wagons in the mid 19 th century and eventually made cars (20's - 60's) that never met hoped-for sales. The marque slowly went broke due to mismanagement and poor design and styling (with the exception of the Lowey designed Hawk GT and the Avanti). The Packard marque also went with Studebaker after they purchased Packard In the mid 50's and thus two marques were dissolved. leaving GM and Ford as the major vehicle manufacturers in the US.

  2. An exciting ride for sure....and bumpy! Neat action shot.
    -Anne K.


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