Friday, October 10, 2014

Shearing Sheep

Today's picture shows a man shearing a sheep, which is one of the toughest jobs on a farm. So tough in fact, that few still raise wool bearing sheep. It is almost impossible to find anyone to shear sheep any more. It is a tough job, and no one wants to do it any more. Hence, most clothes today are polyester or cotton blends.


  1. I hope the child at the top of the tube-like device didn't disappear into that ! Amazing photo of kids getting out of the way.

  2. I have to learn to de-focus a bit, haven't really noticed the kids until I read your comment :)

  3. The kids are waiting for a pile of wool clippings to get tossed up to them, which they will then jam down into the tube-shaped bag.

    1. Thanks for that! I could not imagine what that was far (not a farm girl, darn it.)

  4. But a few do! I know a woman in Minnesota who not only raises her own sheep and shears them, she cards and spins the wool. You should see her spinning wheel -- it's a thing of beauty.

    Out in Paint Rock, Texas, there's a rug weaving establishment called Ingrid's. They do agree that sheep are pretty much out. They make their rugs from llama, buffalo, and such.

  5. I have a niece that raises sheep. I know there are still some shearers out there. I think there has been a resurgence in wearing wool clothes, specifically Merino wool which lacks the itchiness of other wool. I personally wear Merino wool socks from Sept. - May here in MI and love them! I also own several wool shirts which have a nice natural feel and do not absorb odors like polyester fabrics (great for backpacking) and are still machine washable.
    Neat photo!
    -Anne K.

  6. Just a few weeks ago I watched a presentation of a sheep shearing at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield Ma. ( known locally as The Big E ). The gentlemen was using an electric shearing device much like a hair clipper and the animal did not seem to be bothered by it at all. Quite interesting.

  7. My friend can shear sheep in no-time flat.
    He's won awards for his great work.
    Steve Scott, from Eden Texas.


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