Monday, October 20, 2014

Picking Cotton

Today's picture shows men picking cotton by hand. The picture was taken in 1902 in South Carolina. It looks like a fairly good crop of cotton.


  1. I have a friend in Panama who's studying English. He just learned the idiomatic phrase, "in high cotton." I'm going to send him a link to your blog so he can see some photos of life in the cotton country.

    I had to laugh yesterday. I needed a vintage photo of someone at a typewriter. I searched and searched through Google images, and finally found the perfect one of a woman. Guess where it came from? Yep. Your site, right here! So, I plunked it into my post with a link back to your post -- it's the one with the secretary who was discovered to have had that prosthetic arm. My hope is that it will lead a few more people back here to your blog.

  2. Here in Greenville, Tx - we are in "high cotton" country. Used to be a thriving business here, but has fallen off in recent times.

  3. The man in the foreground, literally, looks like he's related to my grandfather. I might have to do a bit of research.


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