Saturday, October 18, 2014

King Cotton

Driving around here in West Texas I am seeing the cotton fields turn white, ready for harvest. Cotton is the main cash crop around here, and this it the time of year that it is ready to go. The days of small cotton producers is completely gone, and to be in the cotton business you need an incredible array of very expensive equipment. But, this week we will be looking back to a day when most farming was done by small sharecroppers, and cotton was picked by hand. Today's picture was taken in 1935 in arkansas.


  1. In spite of the fact that these people are doing incredibly hard labor, they are all nicely dressed. No raggedy jeans and tattered shirts - I think the way you dress shows the amount of pride you take in yourself and the job you do.

  2. After the death of her father of tuberculosis, when my mother was a small child, my grandmother and her two oldest daughters picked cotton in Arizona to survive, also fruit, and worked in laundries.


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