Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cotton Bale

Today's picture shows a cotton bale as it is coming out of the press. At the cotton gin, the raw cotton bowls are dehusked, the seeds are separated from the cotton fibers, and the cotton fibers are then cleaned. Then the fibers are pressed into the huge bales. The cotton press can be seen right behind the worker. The picture was taken in 1938 in Arkansas.


  1. My husband, who put the rocks in his sack of cotton (see yesterday's post) grew up, went to war, graduated from college and went to work for Proctor and Gambel. There he was amazed and tickled to see the next product from cotton -- cellulous ------. IF I remember correctly, cellulous was made from the linters around the seed.

  2. That should be cottom 'bolls', not 'bowls'


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