Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Today's picture shows a playground in 1941 in Florida. We can see the much loved playground slide. This is a pretty cool one in that it has a little hump in the slide to make the ride down a little more exciting. Do school playgrounds still have slides, for the most part?


  1. I do see slides around, but for the most part they're plastic (or whatever), which makes them not as slick, and much shorter, which makes them not nearly so much fun. We used to snitch waxed paper from our moms and wax our slides.

  2. We didn't even have to snitch waxed paper - my mom would give it to us. Now, she used the waxed paper bags from cereal boxes - I have the feeling if she had to take the paper off the roll, it would have been a different story. My mom could squeeze a nickel until you could read through it.!

  3. Cool side that still exists in my home town:


  4. I'm not sure how "cool" that slide actually was, considering that it was under the Florida sun and made of metal. That kid doesn't seem all that anxious to plant his hinder on its surface,


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