Monday, September 8, 2014

School Bus

OK, thank you for your patience as I have been having internet problems at home. So we kick things off today with Bus Week. We start with this picture from 1905 of a School Bus.

Hope you all will share memorable stories of Bus Rides this week.


  1. Good to have you back. I was a basketball coach and had many bus rides. However, they were quite uneventful.

  2. I was lucky and I could walk to school for all 12 years. The only time I was on a bus was with the band, going to out of town football games. Oh, yeah, and when the Spanish Club took a trip to Mexico. We went to Hermosillo and Guaymas, and what happens on a Spanish Club trip STAYS with the Spanish Club!!

  3. I imagine that would be a tad nippy in the winter.

    The year I was in the tenth grade, the school board miscalculated how many students lived along a certain route, and the first day of school we were piled three and four to a seat, plus jammed into the aisle, and we were only about half done. The driver had to go to one student's home and call for back-up.

    1. Oh! This was also my fist day in public school, after years in a boarding school. I was not impressed, and frankly, quite frightened.


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