Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sand Box

Today's picture is from 1942, and it shows children playing in a Sand Box. The picture was taken in New Jersey. Now that I think about it, it has been a long time since I have seen a sand box, so don't know how common they are on the playground any more.


  1. Here in Finland nearly every park ja flat house has its own Sand Box!In my house I can see Sand Box from my window, children are playing there...

    Anne from Helsinki

  2. We had a sand box when my daughter was young....but we ended up getting rid of it because the neighborhood cats started to use it as their litter box. We tried a lid at first, but it seemed to never get placed back on the box.
    So the sand box had to go.

    1. I didn't have a problem with cats, but the rain in the box was a nuisance. We got one of those "turtle" sand boxes, which last through two generations of kids.

  3. Parks around here seldom have sandboxes anymore but families with young kids often do. I can't count the hours my kids spent building elaborate roadways and bridges for their trucks in our sandbox. Then they would add rivers, lakes, and dams and add the garden hose for a very dynamic play environment. Future civil engineers in the making! When I could see more water than sand from my kitchen window meant the hose had to go off. :) (Hubbie made the sandbox by digging down 3' into the yard and filling it with sand so water drainage was never an issue.)
    We got around the cat problem by making a frame out of PVC and covering it with a plastic mesh fence that was zip-tied in place. It was light weight enough for the kids to easily move and would not blow away. The kids had the responsibility of covering it up each evening which resulted in a lot of reminders.
    -Anne K.

  4. I not only had one in my yard as a kid, we had one in our kindergarten room, too. It was on legs, so we could stand up to play in it. I remember getting mad when a little boy wouldn't let me play with a red truck (or tractor?) and when he wasn't looking, I grabbed it and buried it deep in the sand.

    "Works and plays well with others" may have taken a hit that day.


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