Friday, September 12, 2014


We wrap up Bus Week with this picture of a Greyhound Bus from 1943. I can remember growing up I would sometimes take a greyhound bus to go see my aunt who lived some 50 miles away. At the time you would not think anything about putting your 11 or 12 year old on a bus by themselves. I have not ridden a Greyhound since way back then, so am not sure what the experience is like now.


  1. I haven't ridden a bus since the 60's. But judging by the state of the terminals - it can't be what it was back then!

  2. My brother's son was in an accident in the early 1990'.s. He and his wife flew out to Seattle, and he got me to drive his car out to him.
    And I took the bus home after he got his car. The bus depot was filthy, there were drunks sleeping on the floor all over the place. There were weird people hanging out in the restroom, which was smelly,and filthy, and didn't look it had been cleaned in weeks.
    The bus ride was almost as bad. There were a group of guys in the back of the bus that were drinking and getting loud and mouthy toward women on the bus. When we stopped for a break, and it was time to get back on the bus, I told the driver that I wasn't going to get back on the bus if those drunks were also allowed back on.
    So they searched them and the ones with booze were not allowed to get on the bus. I was cheered by the rest of the passengers.
    But the seat were crowded and after 2000 miles they became very, very hard. .
    I don't think I will ever ride a bus again!!!


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