Monday, August 4, 2014

Cowboy Camp

Today's picture shows an authentic Cowboy Camp from the late 1800's. I love the picture of the men having breakfast and coffee as they get ready for the workday. The chuckwagon is there, and you can see their horses. It looks like from the landscape that they had to bring their firewood along with them, as I see no trees in the area.

As far as yesterday's picture goes. My favorite guess as to what he was doing was checking email. But, I think the correct answer is that he is rolling a cigarette. I am pretty sure it would have been a Bull Durham. Love all the cowboy pictures, and you your comments.


  1. I cannot imagine cooking for a group of men out of a chuckwagon over a campfire for 3 meals a day! Talk about WORK!!! Uffda.

  2. Is that cowboy on the right wearing a tie? Wow. Dress codes have changed.


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