Friday, August 1, 2014

Old Time Barber Shop

We finish up Barber Shop week with this picture of an Old School barber giving a child a haircut. The picture was taken in 1941, but I can remember a shop just like this when I was growing up in the 1960's. I hope you have enjoyed these pictures this week. I have enjoyed reading your comments and recollections of old barber shops.


  1. The photos this week, especially today's and yesterday's, bring back memories of going to the barber shop on Main Street in the small PA town where I grew up. We would always be asked how we wanted it cut, and we would just say "Give me a teddy bear." That meant a buzz cut all over, and afterwards it would be written down in the ledger so Dad could come along later and pay. Warm memories. Thanks once again PJM!

  2. Just look at the hair on the cape. I'll bet it's August and he's getting his back to school haircut.

  3. I was in grade school and junior high during the 1960's. I remember the boys dreading going to the local barber shop (at their fathers' command) to get the "white sidewalls" haircut when the style was changing to the longer style of the Beatles. Our barber was skilled and new exactly two styles--- the crewcut and the one in the picture. Now the guys are shaving their heads, go figure!


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