Saturday, August 30, 2014

Merry Go Round

Welcome to Playground Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at old pictures showing days gone by when children would actually play outside. We start with this picture from around 1920, which shows a Merry Go Round. This was a key piece of equipment on the playground when I was growing up, but you do not see them too much any more. I hope you all will share your favorite playground memories this week.


  1. Fun photo! We still have one merry-go-round in our town and it is well used. My kids like to do a little physics experiment by sitting across from each other while the merry-go-round is spinning and trying to roll a ball across the deck to each other. It is sad that merry-go-rounds are so seldom found at playgrounds now.
    My strongest memory of merry-go-rounds was when I was about 8YO at a beach playground and my older twin brothers asked me if I wanted to fly. Of course, I agreed. They instructed me to stand on the outside of the merry-go-round while they got it up to a very high speed. Holding tightly to the bar, I then let my legs and body fly out parallel to the ground. I could only keep my grip for a bit before being thrown into the loose sand. But I think I did "fly" for a few seconds! LOL
    -Anne K.

  2. I loved those things! That and swinging were my two favorite activities, as they could both be done alone.

  3. Ah, one of my favourite pastimes. Our society is far too overprotective in our pursuit of safety. Kids should be allowed to bang themselves up in minor accidents having such fun.

  4. We used to get lots of fun &, healthy exercise at the playground.
    Not sit inside thumbing a controller like these days....

  5. There's one of these merry-go-rounds at a Catholic school in the Texas Hill Country -- one of the painted churches around Schulenberg. We had one at our playground, too. I remember a science teacher who hauled us to that merry-go-round for a lesson on centrifugal force!


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