Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ice Cream

We have a little bit of summer time still left, so this week is going to be Ice Cream week. We start with this picture from Osage, West Virginia. The women are making old time ice cream with one of those hand cranked wooden buckets. I think these things make the best ice cream. Now days they have those canisters you put in the freezer to freeze so you don't have to fool with the ice and salt, but I don't think they get the ice cream frozen enough.

I hope you will share your home made ice cream memories. My favorite type is peach, from fresh home grown peaches. There is nothing better!


  1. The family used to get together on Grandfather's farm on his birthday and make ice cream. It was just like the photo, but all the men gathered around to shoot the breeze and take turns cranking. Lots of rock salt, a block of ice and an ice pick as they gradually filled the bucket with ice. We kids loved to grab a salty sliver of ice to suck on while waiting for the cranker to finally decide 'well, that's about all it'll go' once the paddles could no longer turn inside the canister.

    The only bad thing about homemade is it was like a block of ice in the freezer the next day. But we made every effort to ensure there were no leftovers to freeze.

  2. There's nothing like homemade ice cream -- and those newfangled machines just don't do it. You need a wooden bucket, and kids to turn the crank until it gets too hard.

    The best part? Being the one selected to lick the paddles!

  3. I agree...peach is the best. I grew up in California's central valley and we had access to lots of great fruit and they all, at one time or another, made it into homemade ice cream...hand cranked...leave the peaches on the tree until they are over-ripe...good stuff and great memories!

  4. Dad would put a folded towel on top of the hand cranked freezer and we kids would take turns sitting on it to make it easier for Dad to crank it. My aunt had a recipe for homemade orange sherbet that had Orange Crush soda and Eagle Brand evaporated milk in it. It was heavenly! And then, while visiting friends in Warm Springs Georgia we were introduced to ice cream with pureed peaches mixed in, and only "Georgia" peaches were good enough!

  5. I remember Dad would drive into town to the ice plant and return home with a big block of ice wrapped in an old army blanket. He used an ice pick to break up the ice and layer it with rock salt in the barrel around the container. It was quite a production and I remember he got a lot of enjoyment out of this task and watching everyone enjoy the end product!


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