Monday, August 11, 2014

Ice Cream Parlor

Today's picture is from 1910, and it shows an Ice Cream Parlor. It is reminiscent of the old drug stores I can remember from my childhood. The drug stores had an ice cream bar where they served up all types of delicious treats like milk shakes, ice cream, banana splits and floats. 

I guess there are still places like Baskin Robins around today, but to me the prices are insane, and would be a barrier to me taking my family out for ice cream. A single scoop of ice cream now days would be $2.50, so something like a banana split would be $10. For a family of 3 to go out for a banana split, it would be $30. That is not pocket change. So, yes things were cheaper when I was a child, and yes, people made a lot less, but my perception is that most people could go out for ice cream and it not be a big deal. 


  1. Did you ever think you would pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee?
    But remember gas was 20 cents a gallon back then also.

  2. Gulp! $5 for a cup of coffee?! I've been away from the States for twenty years this September, and have been back only rarely. Not buying coffee, evidently! Or are we talkin' Starbucks (awful) coffee, as opposed to the plain Folgers or Yuban that one could get for $1.00 (with free refills) in the mid-80s (I remember that well enough).

    1. I get a large at Duncan Donuts every morning....just under $2.00.
      I can't seem to make it as well at home as they I pay it.

  3. Nice photo from an era before my time.
    We visited a local creamery for ice cream last night and paid $2 for a HUGE single scoop cone. (I forgot to check how much a banana split would be, but I doubt $10.) They serve wonderful ice cream and are run by the Christian family who owns the creamery. And, not open on Sundays! :)
    -Anne K.

  4. My mother used to tell me stories of the days when she and dad were dating in the '30s. A big night was to walk downtown and have an ice cream cone - five cents!


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